Jun 30, 2011

IN #27/2011 [Germany] - Scans & Translation

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Scans by TokioHotel-Info 


Tokio Hotel: Return to Germany?
Everything is still top secret: The Twins are supposed to be a part of the Jury of the new Casting Show on Pro7 – this would be the TV surprise of the year...

This ensures a rating fight between the Talent Shows: The new season of "Das Supertalent" (Britain's got Talent) starts in September simultaneously with the new casting-format "The Voice of Germany" (The Voice US – Info). [...]

As "IN" learned from close sources, two of the hottest german stars are under debate: Bill and Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel! This would be awesome, because then the twins would finally return to their home country. At the moment they live in Los Angeles, as well as their discoverer and producer David Jost, to work on their new Album. Everything is still top secret and of course a question of money. [...]

If Tokio Hotel agree to be in the Jury, the channel can expect high ratings, because of their loyal Fanbase and Bill and Toms blunt and straight-forward judgements. It remains to be seen if there's gonna be a jury of four, because as "IN" learned, the german version of "The Voice" will have a "Twin-Position" (which means that two artists share a buzzer – in this case Bill and Tom Kaulitz). [...]

Translation by Icey @ LoveTH-Music.com

MTV World Stage Malaysia 2010 - Kuala Lumpur, 31.07.2010 - Press Conference - Pics #5

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Lyon, France 18.03.2010 - Pics #3

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Photos by Kymmo

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Jun 29, 2011

Tom's Blog - 29.06.2011

TH for Japan: MTV Bass Auktion
imagebam.com Kürzlich hat MTV Japan die Auktion für den original Bass aus dem SCREAM Musikvideo gestartet. Georg hat versucht ihn damals zu crashen aber ganz ehrlich: in dieser Szene musste ich ihn doubeln um den Bass klein zu bekommen... ;)
Das hier ist also ein einzigartiges Stück Tokio Hotel Geschichte – echter geht nicht!
Check DIESEN LINK und mach mit bei der großen Charity-Auktion (Fans weltweit können teilnehmen).
Jeder einzelne Yen hilft!

TH for Japan: MTV Bass Auction
MTV Japan just opened the auction of our original "Scream" video bass guitar! Georg tried to mash it in the "Scream" video shoot but to be completely honest with you guys, I had to body double him for that scene to finally break it into pieces… ;)
So, it's a real piece of Tokio Hotel history...this is as unique as it gets!
Pls check THIS LINK to participate. (worldwide auction).
Every single Yen helps!


Jun 28, 2011

Acoustic-Showcase [presented by Audi A1] - Tokyo, Japan 24.06.2011 - Videos




Downloads by haylie @ THNews_Ru

Automatic: #1 #2 #3
Phantomrider: #1 #2
Interview: #1 #2

Jun 27, 2011

VOX, AFP TV & RTL - 26./27.06.2011

VOX - Prominent



And Tokio Hotel, with a new look, have stopped their concert break.
Bill: "We wanna raise as much money as we can."
For such a commitment we say: IN!




Even their band name obliged to help. Tokio Hotel give a benefit concert in the Japanese capital to help the victims of the tsunami-disaster.
Bill: "You know, for us it's...we're just so happy, because we always love, when we have the chance to come over. Tonight is really a special night. We want to raise as much money as we can together with MTV. We are so proud to be a part of that and that we can help with music and money."
The music channel MTV has made the Video Music Awards Japan to a fundraiser for the Japanese people in the disaster area. Since the disastrous tsunami and the subsequent nuclear disaster in Fukushima in March, about 90.000 people live in overcrowded emergency shelters in Japan.

RTL - Punkt 6



Big in Japan! Tokio Hotel for the first time in Tokyo! Screaming fans and a High-Heel -Appearance in Tokyo! Who has copied here from whom? Soon in Punkt 6…
Wolfram: Let's change the flag for a moment, in a white one with a red point. At the weekend there was finally once again a great performance by Tokio Hotel. Where was it?
Vanessa: Yes, unfortunately far away from the German fans, in Tokyo at the MTV Music Aid Awards. This is a fundraiser for the victims of the earthquake.
Angela: What was going on there and why the appearance was a bit "gaga", Gaby Wand knows it...

Finally they are back live on stage. Tokio Hotel rocks. But far away in Tokyo, where they played at a benefit-concert for the victims of the earthquake. Tokio Hotel in Tokyo - for the first time ever. It's for sure not only because of the name, that there is already Japanese screaming-alert at the airport.
Bill: "I'm excited, they are all screaming and the crowd is amazing. We're definitely totally excited tonight."
But at first a little sightseeing-tour for the German band. Up and down on Tokyo's hip shopping-mile...
Bill: "It's so awesome here. I don't want to leave ever again. The guys are so stylish here."
Tom: "Yes."
Bill: "It's unreal here...before I thought L.A. was the place to shop."
Maybe it's because of the stage fright before the big show, in any way especially the twins are pretty hyper in the evening.
Tom: "Stop talking rubbish or I'll come over."
Bill: "Are you nuts - you put it right here."
Tom: "So why didn't you sign it then?"
However, on the red carpet you feel nothing from it anymore. Bill - from head to toe in leather and with murder-high-heels. Unknown is, who took whom as a fashion-idol. Even though Lady Gaga draw the attention with ultra-high shoes and leather-outfit and proves, that she still has the perspective even with closed eyes. She also performed at the evening for the good cause. Bill prefers to rock in a fur coat, but with a new gel-hairdo. But one thing is for sure, beside Lady Gaga, Tokio Hotel were the highlight of the evening. Tokio Hotel are simply stars in Tokyo.
Angela: They were not for the first time in Tokyo. Do they like it there better than in Germany now or will they finally come back to us again?
Vanessa: No, they moved to Los Angeles to work on their new record and have a self imposed stage ban for this time, no interviews, nothing. That was only for a good cause. And we have to say, no other international star, except Lady Gaga, has dared to go there because of the radioactive rays. So hats off to the guys and Lady Gaga, they rock Tokyo.

RTL - Punkt 12



Katja: We have often wondered, if Tokio Hotel still exist. Beside a short appearance in L.A., the guys seemed to be lost in the last month. But now Tokio Hotel is loudly back. The name says it all, just in Tokyo at a benefit concert Bill, Tom and the others appeared again. So modified, that they could even upstaged Lady Gaga. Nicole Scherbart knows more...
The hair strict gelled, the lack-coat smoothly whip on and then these murder-shoes. On apparently twenty centimeters platform shoes, Bill literally swans over the Red Carpet and moves with Lady Gaga at the same eye-...ähm, shoe-level.
Bill: "I'm excited, they are all screaming and the crowd is amazing. We're definitely totally excited tonight."
'Grit your teeth and get to it!', thinks Lady Gaga make-up-technically. Because Tokio Hotel are really mega-stars in Japan. The fans are really into them. They went totally crazy, like here during their last visit. Meanwhile they feel almost at home in the Far East.
Bill: "It's so awesome here. I don't want to leave ever again. The guys are so stylish here. Stylish jackets and shoes… It's unreal here...before I thought L.A. was the place to shop."
LA is the adoptive home of the Magdeburger. There they work on their new record. But as often as the schedule allows it, they stay in Japan. And because it's terribly exciting for Bill and Tom, their nerves are raw sometimes during the autograph-signing…
Tom: "Stop talking rubbish or I'll come over… I didn't sign any of these!"
Bill: "Tom! You put them here for me. Are you stupid?"
Tom: "You're just insane…"
Bill: "You put them here for me."
Tom: "I didn't - they weren't for you."
Two brothers fighting, that also belongs to the daily routine of Tokio Hotel. At the benefit concert for the victims of the earthquake at the weekend, everything seems to be in balance again. *Darkside of the Sun is playing* And how could it be any different: Bill again in the "I love to attract attention-outfit". From where does the guy just take his styling-ideas? Anyway, at least cloth-technically he made it to the new Mr. Gaga in Japan.

Translations by TokioHotel-Info || Downloads by haylie @ THNews_Ru & chiriy @ Official German FC